Physico-technological aspects of degradation of silicon nicrowave diodes

A.E. Belyaev, N.S. Boltovets, E.F. Venger, Ya.Ya. Kudryk, V.V. Milenin, G.V. Milenin
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PH "Akademperiodyka"
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The monograph deals with the physical phenomena occurring in the metal-semi- conductor junction layer and at microwave diode breakdown, as well as methodology of the catastrophe theory when predicting failures for silicon diodes and transistors. The methods of measurements of the parameters of ohmic and barrier contacts, as well as degradation mechanisms in silicon microwave diodes related to the physico-chemical and structural properties of metal-semiconductor interfaces, quality of the initial semi­conductor material and p-n junction perfection, are considered. The experimental data on the techniques of defect gettering in microwave diode structures, in particular, the low-tempcrature and non-heating gettering processes that improve the parameters of semiconductor devices, are presented.
The monograph is intended for researchers and those engaged in development of microwave devices. It may be of use also to post-graduates and under-graduates special­izing in the corresponding areas.