Ukrainian scientific book in a foreign language

The Will to Identity. State Building and the Strategies of Legitimation

This book exposes the original philosophical vision of the national identity and democratic culture formation in the post-communist Ukraine. This vision allows to explain how the archaic social structures, domination of authoritarian personality, and totalitarian legacy influenced the strategies of political power legitimation, politics of identity, state building. The author traces the idea of sovereignty fate in the globalized world, under the conditions of the modern geopolitical landscape change in particular.


Integrated Management, Security, and Robustness

The main goal of this publication is to highlight a vulnerability of food, water, and energy security sector toward decisions making. On this stage the project focuses on modeling of interrelations of food security, with energy and water security under existing regional changes and threats.

This book is proceedings of the papers, summarizing a joint research project of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis.

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