The state of the publication of the journals of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine: a glance in the past

According to the materials of the Presidium of the NAS of Ukraine and reports on the publishing activity in the 1990's and the beginning of the 2000's, the state of publication of journals of NAS of Sciences of Ukraine is reviewed. This period is characterized by difficult economic conditions, as well as reformatting of the organizational principles of publishing activity. The main steps taken by the Scientific and Publishing Council of NAS of Ukraine and the leadership of the Academy for the preservation of the national scientific periodicals are outlined.

Prospects of entry of academic scientific publications to scientometric databases

The scientific periodicals of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine are analyzed for conformity with the requirements of world's scientometric databases. It is shown that 60% of academic journals are properly represented in the electronic space, but in general, the publications of the NAS institutions require a significant improvement in their representation in the global information space. The reasons of improper representation of academic periodicals on the Internet and prospects of entry into leading databases are considered.

Use in scientific publications of citations from published works, the rights to which belong to other authors

This paper deals with a number of issues associated with rules of citation of the published works of other authors: the general notion of the citation, its types, the legislative base on copyright issues, related to the citation are presented. The basic rules for making citations, types of offenses that violate legislation regarding requirements for making quotations, plagiarism and selfcitations are defined. Also, the procedure for judicial protection of copyright in case of unlawful citation and plagiarism is considered.

Contracting between scientific establishments, employees, and publishers on publishing scientific journals and monographies

The conclusion of agreements between authors — employees of scientific institutions and institutions on the publication of scientific articles and monographs is considered, as well as the conclusion of agreements between scientific institutions and publishing houses in the event of an order for publishing products.

Problems of Ukrainian scientific publication and ways of overcoming them

The key problems of Ukrainian scientific periodicals as well as of science and education in general are considered. A systemic problem is determined, which is the cause of the remaining complications in scientific and informational sphere of Ukraine. As shown, fighting against its consequences is ineffective without solving the systemic problem, but overcoming it is impossible solely by copying directly the practices of more successful countries.

Formation of publishing strategy as a necessary condition for promotion of a scientific journal in the modern information space

The advantages of communication in the electronic space have determined the modern form of presentation of a scientific journal - a web resource. Entry into the world of science-computer databases, now a prerequisite for a scientific publication, is only possible if there is a properly structured web resource. Journals, that have neglected modern communicative means, lose their readership and authors. The full implementation of by a journal its tasks in the conditions of the saturation of the information space requires the formation and implementation of a particular publishing strategy.

Periodicals in the sphere of humanities and social sciences: integration to scientometric databases on the example of web of sciences

The  basic  requirements  for  periodicals  during  selection to the scientometric database Web of Science are given, priorities of selection to the databases Social Sciences Citation Index and Art & Humanities Citation Index are highlighted. An analysis of compliance with these requirements of periodicals in the spheres of social sciences and humanities, founded by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine or its institutions, is made.

Scientific publication types in humanities' journals

The  publication  types,  published  in  2014-2015  in  the  group  of  journals  are  analyzed. These journals were chosen from the category "Communication" from Social Sciences Citation Index and  are  indexed  by  the  Web  of  Science. The  findings were  compared  with  Authors'  Guidance and other related information from analyzed journals in order to correlate required publication types with published ones.

Analysis of innovations in the pedagogic field in view of recent ukrainian scientific publications

Pedagogic papers indexed by Ukrainika Naukova, Web of Science, Google Scholar and Scopus databases  are  analyzed.  Quantitative,  citation,  co-citation  analysis,  co-authored  networks analysis, determination of research fronts are considered when defining innovative directions in the fields. We found that the leading Ukrainian science groups devote their works to pedagogical philosophy,   personality   development,   education   theory,   distance   learning,   professional development  of  educational  workers.


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