Project: Scientific monographs
Authors: Ye.F. Venger, O.Yu. Semchuk, O.O. Gavrilyuk
Year: 2016
Pages: 236
ISBN: 978-966-360-323-0
Publication Language: English
Publisher: PH “Akademperiodyka”
Place Published: Kyiv

The results of theoretical and experimental studies of influence of laser radiation on a condensed medium are presented. Main attention is paid to studying the features of electrical, optical and thermal processes caused by laser irradiation of semiconductor surface and non-stoichiometric films based on silicon oxide. In particular, the kinetics of interacting quasiparticles in semiconductors in the field of intensive laser radiation are constructed, the process of laser annealing of non-stoichiometric films of SiO2 are investigated, the properties of SiO2 (Si) nanocomposite film are studied.
For students, post-graduate students of physical faculties, as well as scientists working in the field of solid-state physics and laser physics.