Criteria and journals selection process to the Web of Science Core Collection

I.O. Tykhonkova
Science of Ukraine in the Global Information Space
Year: 2017
Issue: 14
Pagination: 93-105
Publication Language: Ukrainian

Web of Science Core Collection (WoS CC) is a leading global scholarly literature bibliographic database and citation index. The main part of WoS CC consists of three main journal collections: Science of Science Citation Index (SCIE), Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), and Art and Humanities Citation Index (AHCI). Since 2015, the WoS CC has been expanded with the multidisciplinary Emerging Source Citation Index (ESCI). Additional Conference Proceedings Citation Index, the Book Citation Index and two chemical collections: Chemical Chemistry Reports (CCR-EXPANDED) and Index Chemicus (IC), are the part of WoS CC. The Journal Selection Process for the SCIE, SSCI AHCI is based on four main pillar criteria: Publishing Standards, Editorial Content, International Focus, and Citation Analysis. Journal citation analysis is not taken into account during the selection for the ESCI. Impact factors are calculated only for the SCI and SSCI publications. Today, 15 Ukrainian editions are indexed in SCIE and 39 are selected for ESCI. The submission procedure and selection criteria for Web of Science Core Collection are described.


Keywords: Web of Science Core Collection (WoS CC), Emerging Source Citation Index (ESCI), scientefic journal, citation, bibliographic database