Formation of publishing strategy as a necessary condition for promotion of a scientific journal in the modern information space

O.G. Vakarenko
Science of Ukraine in the Global Information Space
Year: 2017
Issue: 14
Pagination: 18-23
Publication Language: Ukrainian

The advantages of communication in the electronic space have determined the modern form of presentation of a scientific journal – a web resource. Entry into the world of science-computer databases, now a prerequisite for a scientific publication, is only possible if there is a properly structured web resource. Journals, that have neglected modern communicative means, lose their readership and authors. The full implementation of by a journal its tasks in the conditions of the saturation of the information space requires the formation and implementation of a particular publishing strategy. The article outlines the main elements of the publishing strategy of a scientific journal, the introduction of which will allow the publication to strengthen its rating.

Keywords: web resource, scientific journal, publishing strategy