А.І. Radchenko, О.V. Vakarenko and Т.М. Shenderovych
Science of Ukraine in the Global Information Space
Year: 2020
Issue: 17
Pagination: 32-58
Publication Language: Ukrainian

The article considers the basic principles of creating a unified template for a scientific journal in accordance with current regulations and rules for creating original layouts, as well as taking into account the experience of specialists of the Publishing House “Akademperiodyka” of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The list of the basic regulatory documents is given, other useful links are given. The example of a typical unified template shows what the cover and title page of a scientific journal should look like, as well as the imposition page of an article of a scientific professional publication, describes in detail the necessary structural elements of a scientific article and describes their design. The choice of the solutions presented in the unified template is briefly substantiated. The most common mistakes present in domestic scientific professional journals are described. Examples from real magazines illustrate the possible variety of design within a unified template.


Keywords: scientific professional periodical, scientific journal, template of scientific journal, design of scientific periodical, elements of publishing design, publishing norms and rules, requirements of scientometric bases