Liudmyla Tarnashynska

Year: 2013
Pages: 678
ISBN 978-966-360-226-4
Publication Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: PH “Akademperiodyka”
Place Published: Kyiv

For the first time in Ukrainian literary studies, the present research work offers a systematic and multivalent interpretation of the discourse of the 1960s generation of writers in its paradigmatic
relations. This interpretation guides the reader from the “pain spots” of methodological aberrations, through the search for the optimal methodological model, to the differentiation of national
and ideological contexts, philosophical and axiological foundations of the considered phenomenon, and, further, to the highlighting of aesthetic, stylistic and metaphorical actualizations and
modifications of its representatives’ artistic conscience. Such a complex research was made possible due to expansion of the methodological paradigm. Therefore, the potencies of literary anthropology are combined here with interdisciplinary approaches, predominantly as a synergy of literary studies with philosophy, cultural studies, psychology and other humanities which results
in a sort of “soft methodology”.
From the above-mentioned conceptual perspective which provides opportunities for discourse interaction practices, the literary production of the 1960s generation of writers turns out to be a synergetic phenomenon, both within the “spirit of the age” and in its temporal projections, which, in its turn, allows to trace back the topology and evolution of this literary generation. The
interpretation of the 1960s culture in Ukraine as a product of an integral generation searching for a “polyessential Homo” in the framework of national identity and distancing from the axioms
of socialist realism broadens and deepens our understanding of this resonant phenomenon in Ukrainian literary history.