Project: Ukrainian scientific book in a foreign language
Affiliation: NAS of Ukraine, Institute of Industrial Economics
Vishnevsky V.P.
Harkushenko O.M.
Zanizdra M.Yu.
Kniaziev S.I.
Lypnytskyi D.V.
Chekina V.D.
Year: 2021
Pages: 168
ISBN: 978-966-360-435-0
Publication Language: English
Publisher: PH “Akademperiodyka”
Place Published: Kyiv
Book Type: Monograph

The monograph investigates the features of information and communication technologies and processes of digitalization of an economy, analyses methodological approaches to monitoring the development and assessing the effectiveness of the digital economy, builds the functions of the dependence of digital costs and final results of economic activity, assesses the transformational potential of emerging economies’ digitalization and substantiates recommendations for increasing their competitiveness. For researchers, teachers, post-graduate students, students, all those who are interested in the problems of digitalization of an economy, industrial revolutions and innovative development.