Authors warrant that the manuscript is their original work, has not been previously published, has not been submitted to, or is under consideration for publication in another periodical. Parallel submission of the same manuscript to another Journal is misconduct and grounds for the manuscript’s withdrawal from consideration by the Journal.

If the submitted manuscript is the result of a research project or its previous version was presented at a conference (under the same or a similar title) in the form of an oral presentation, detailed information about the project, conference, etc., should be provided in a footnote or the Acknowledgments section.

Each author is responsible for ensuring that manuscripts submitted to the Journal adhere to ethical standards. The authors claim that the manuscript does not contain false or illegal statements and does not violate the rights of third parties. The publisher is not legally liable if any compensation claims arise.

Reporting standards

The Journal, as the academic communication basis, ensures that all articles contain enough information to enable others to recreate the work described. The submitted manuscript should contain sufficient detail and references to enable reviewers and subsequent readers to verify the statements made in it and supply full details of the methods used, including time frames, etc.

Authors are solely responsible for the content of their materials and must ensure that they have permission from all parties involved to publish the content. The authors confirm that data protection regulations, ethical standards, copyrights of third parties, and other rights are respected in the data collection process, processing, and data sharing.

Authors who intend to include figures, tables, or other material that has already been published elsewhere must obtain permission from the copyright holder. Any material received without such confirmation is assumed to be from the authors.


Authors should ensure that only contributors who have made a significant contribution to the manuscript are listed as authors. If persons other than the authors were involved in important aspects of the research project and the preparation of the manuscript, their contributions should be mentioned in a footnote or the Acknowledgments section.

Authors should consider the authorship criteria developed by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). To be on the list of authors, you must:

  • make a significant contribution to the work concept or design; or collect, analyze, or interpret data for the work;
  • contribute to the writing of a work or a critical review of its important intellectual content;
  • make final approval of the version to be published; agree to be responsible for all aspects of the work;
  • ensure that questions relating to the accuracy or integrity of any part of the work are investigated and resolved properly;
  • agree to be on the list of authors and approve the full list of authors.

Adding or removing the authors during the editorial process is allowed only by providing reasonable explanations to the editorial board and the publisher. Attempts to introduce a “ghost”, “donor”, or “honorary author” will be considered misconduct.

Sources of information and citations

Authors are required to cite sources that have significantly influenced their research and manuscript properly. Information received in private conversation or correspondence with third parties during the examination of project applications, manuscripts, and similar materials is not to be used without the written consent of the source of the information.

Fundamental errors in published works

When an author discovers a significant error or inaccuracy in their published work, they must immediately notify the Journal editor or publisher about it and work with the editor to retract or correct the article.

By submitting a manuscript, authors agree to adhere to the Journal’s editorial policy.