Journals published by PH “Akademperiodyka” of the NAS of Ukraine are periodicals founded or co-founded by the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (hereinafter Journals). They have a constant frequency, and publish original articles that have not been published before and presented in the form of reviews, experimental articles, short reports, reviews, editorial notes, letters to the editor, reports of scientific conferences, or their summaries.

Journals can be distributed by subscription or can be in open access.

Journals that position themselves as open-access publications have full-text archives with free access on their website starting from the date of choosing such a business model.

Materials in the Journal are provided in Ukrainian or English, with a mandatory summary in English and Ukrainian. The frequency of the Journal is determined by the needs of each publication and is given on the Journal’s website.

All titles are in open access in the “Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine” depository of the Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine (, have a doi index from CrossRef, and metadata available in the Open Ukrainian Scientific Citation Index (OUCI).