Occam's blade: how to save the national scientific periodicals

A.I. Radchenko
Science of Ukraine in the Global Information Space
Year: 2016
Issue: 13
Pagination: 22-30
Publication Language: Ukrainian

A  history  of  the  transformation  requirements  of  periodicals  that  can  be  included  in  the  list of  scientific  professional  publications  from  1999  until  now  is  given.  The  role  of  the  National Academy  of  Sciences  of  Ukraine  and  Scientific  Publishing  Council  of  National  Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in changing these requirements is described. The necessity for modernizing the requirements of national periodicals evaluation criteria by conforming to the requirements imposed by the leading scientometric databases is justified. A use ranking of Ukrainian scientific journals according to their representation in scientometric and reference databases is given.

scientific periodical, scientometric base for scientific professional publications