Application of open access licenses, while placing materials of scientific magazines into electronic environment

Yu.M. Kapitsa and K.S. Shahbazian
Science of Ukraine in the Global Information Space
Year: 2016
Issue: 13
Pagination: 62-70
Publication Language: Ukrainian

This paper deals with a number of issues associated with the use of open access licenses, while using scientific magazines and other publications, being placed into electronic environment by leading publishers in the world. In particular, the approaches to the use of Creative Commons licenses  are  discussed:  international  legal  sources  for  use  of  CC,  types  and  components  of  CC licenses, peculiarities of their use by scientific publishers in the EU, US and Ukraine. Also, ways of using CC licenses and copyright-based reservations on the websites of scientific publishers in Ukraine are proposed.

scientific journal, electronic environment, copyright, license open access, license Creative Commons