Publishing services

  • editing manuscripts in Ukrainian, Russian, English languages
  • making corrections
  • proofreading
  • making illustration material
  • artistic decoration (design) of any type of publication
  • technical editing, designing of templates of any type of publication
  • pagination
  • production of layout originals of any type
  • preparation of electronic versions of publications for publishing in electronic form
  • preparation of electronic versions of publications for circulation

Polygraphy services

  • full color and black and white printing (risographic, offset, digital)
  • photocopying
  • binding (collation, folding, threading)
  • stitching with metal and plastic springs
  • paperback and hardcover binding
  • lamination
  • foil stamping
  • production of other polygraphic materials – booklets, invitations, letterheads, calendars, brochures etc.

Consulting services

  • on the introduction of new publishing technologies
  • presentation unification of a scientific journals online
  • on design of book and periodical publications
  • on launch of periodical publications and book series
  • on entry into worldwide abstract and scientometric databases
  • on organization of distribution, including the delivery of legal deposits of publications

The issues of copyright protection and the distribution of rights and obligations between the author and the publisher are regulated by entering into licensing agreements between them.