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Musical Shevchenkiana in the Collections of the V.I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine

L.G. Rudenko
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PH "Akademperiodyka"
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The scientific catalog “Musical Shevchenkiana in the Collections of the V.I. Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine” is a continuation of a series of publications of the NLU music collections department. The work presents more than 4,000 bibliographic and analytical descriptions of music and folk songs related to the name of the Great Kobzar. It includes prints (including reissues) and manuscripts. The work consists of five sections: “Music created for T. Shevchenko’s texts”, “Music based on works by T. Shevchenko”, “Collection of titles and author's collections after the words of T. Shevchenko”, “Dedicated to Shevchenko”, “Favorite, selected or recorded folk songs by T. Shevchenko.” The book also contains a reference tool — eight indexes, namely: by names, titles and incipit, places of publication, publishers, chronological, autographs, seals and stamps, and systematic.

The publication is intended for researchers of Ukrainian culture, art critics, musicologists, musicians-performers, teachers, historians, folklorists, bibliographers, library scientists, museum workers, music publishers.

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