Year: 2024
Pages: 341
ISBN: 978-966-360-510-4
Publication Language: Ukrainian
Edition: 100
Publisher: PH “Akademperiodyka”
Place Published: Kyiv
Descriptions have been presented in the annual annotated catalogs of book publications of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine since 2004. The annotated catalog of book publications has changed significantly over these twenty years; in particular, its editorial classification has been constantly improved as a response to changes in the research directions of scientists. Also, the structure and form of presentations of descriptions of book publications were modernized step by step. Many publications now have a digital identifier of an object – the DOI code; the number of titles published in electronic form alongside its limited print version or as an electronic publication only has increased by a third. And the number of such publications is increasing little by little. The reason for this is not only the intent to make research results public as soon as possible and to ensure access to them to the widest range of potential readers but also the European open access initiative and the Open Science movement. However, the urge of scientists to save money on printing services in conditions of limited funding is also should be taken into account.
The growing rate of international scientific cooperation, as a result of geosocial restrictions and forced migration caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the full-scale Russian invasion in particular, has led to an increase in scientific publications of domestic scientists abroad. The percentage of such publications has been steadily growing in recent years, simultaneously with the decrease in the annual total number of book publications of the Academy.
The active involvement of the staff of the NAS of Ukraine in the analysis and resolution of many issues related to the Russian-Ukrainian hybrid war and its full-scale phase, as well as the modeling of a possible post-war reconstruction, and the recently launched publication of the relevant research results in all scientific fields — from mathematics to literature, caused to place a new section «National Security and Defense» in the catalog, which included 17 editions in 2023. In addition, many sections of the 2022—2023 catalogs («Economics», «Energy», «History», «Materials Science», etc.) contain a significant number of publications focused on the fight against Russian armed aggression
and the preservation of Ukraine’s statehood. Alongside this, there are no titles published by Russian publishers or in Russian language in the territory of Ukraine in recent years’ catalogs.
The orientation of book publications by type of publication has also changed significantly. There has been an increase in the number of publications of popular science and educational publications — textbooks, manuals, methodological recommendations, etc., published either by academics of the academy for students and post-graduate students of higher education institutions orin cooperation with these educational institutions.
The annotated catalog of book publications of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is traditionally formed on the basis of annual reports of scientific institutions of the NAS of Ukraine and advance copies of publications submitted to the Scientific and Publishing Council of the NAS of Ukraine by academic institutions. The catalog includes bibliographic descriptions of book publications published in 2023 — scientific monographs, non-serial collections of scientific works, dictionary publications, reference books, encyclopedic publications, and popular science publications.
The catalog presents 817 bibliographic descriptions, followed by annotations in the original language. Also, there is an annotation in the state language for publications in English. Descriptions are grouped into 30 thematic sections. The largest sections of the catalog are «History» (93 publication titles), «Economics» (56), and «Biology» (48). The rest of the chapters contain from five («Mining») to 42 («Informatics») descriptions.
At the end of the catalog, one can find auxiliary indexes: first one — institutions of the NAS of Ukraine, which publications are available in the catalog, with an indication of the serial numbers of these book publications (139); second one — institutions that do not belong to the structure of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, but participate in the preparation and release of printed works together with academic institutions (170).
The electronic version of the annotated catalog for the year 2023, as well as the previous catalogs of 2004—2022, can be found on the website of the Scientific and Publishing Council of the NAS of Ukraine.  The annotated catalog of book publications of the NAS of Ukraine for 2024 is being updated on the same portal via the submission of statutory advance copies of publications by institutions to the Scientific and Publishing Council of the NAS of Ukraine.
Also, one can find information about books from the publishing projects of the NAS of Ukraine and the full texts of many of them on
the specialized English language web resource Books of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and on web resources of the «Akademperiodyka» Publishing House of the NAS of Ukraine and the Subscription Agency «Ukrinformnauka».
The annotated catalog was prepared by the «Akademperiodyka» Publishing House of the NAS of Ukraine during the course of scientific research «Publishing activity of the NAS of Ukraine under the conditions of changes in the international publication of scientific literature» (state registration number 0122U000065).