Larysa Yakubova
Institute of History of Ukraine of NAS of Ukraine


Hennadii BORIAK, associate member of NAS of Ukraine, Dr. Sci.
Oleksandr LYSENKO, Prof. Dr. Sci.

Year: 2023
Pages: 318
ISBN: 978-966-360-484-8
Publication Language: Ukrainian
Publisher: PH “Akademperiodyka”
Place Published: Kyiv


Why putin’s russia turned into a totalitarian system? Were there other scenarios of the post-soviet transit of the russian federation? How and when the “upcountry people” appeared, what were they like, and why did they build a consensus with collective putin?  Who and how laid the foundation for the transformation of russia into a totalitarian system? Who is the ideological father of ruscism? What is the essence of ruscism, actually, and how does it threaten not only Ukraine but the whole world as well?

These and other questions are revealed in the book you are holding in your hands.

A must-read book.