Project: Ukrainian scientific book in a foreign language
Authors: Steven Darian, Olga Ilchenko
Year: 2015
Pages: 102
ISBN: 978-966-360-283-7
Publication Language: English
Publisher: PH “Akademperiodyka”
Place Published: Kyiv

This little book contains just about all the techniques you need — to write short stories or novels. All the tricks of the trade, as we like to say: the best ways of describing people, places, events, moods, and feelings. In modern writing, the line often blurs between fiction and nonfiction. A lot of the techniques we use in fiction — show up in magazine and newspaper articles, and in trade books: popular books on history & biographies, memoires, travel, and current affairs. You can find great writing & awful writing — on just about any topic. And that goes for scholarly and academic writing just as well. If you have something worth saying, learn to say it well. Make sure it reaches not just people’s minds, but their hearts. We hope “Technique” will help you do just that.