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Introduction to Probability Theory

G.P. Butsan
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PH "Akademperiodyka"
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This book is intended even if partially to compensate the absence of some short introduction to Probability Theory in English in Ukraine and can be useful to both students of Ukrainian technical universities and their teachers, as well as to all technicians and engineers whose work concerns the theory. This book deals with the typical problems which occur in practice and contemporary technologies as well as gives the initial acquaintance with Probability Theory which requires consideration of great deal of examples that would help develop a spatial probability-theoretical and probabilistic intuition, and the ability to connect abstract ideas with practical situations. The presentation of elements of the theory of random processes and elements of the statistics was mainly determined by the need of students of technical universities and their level of knowledge and mathematical analysis and elements of functional analysis in the frame of training programs for such universities and, respectively, by the number of training hours for the presentation of the subject and is accessible to undergraduates.

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